Canadian Cannabis Business Opens 420 Hotline on 420

The Canada-based company The Green Organic Dutchman recently announced that it will be hosting a 420 hotline on April 20 to offer resources to those who want to celebrate the cannabis holiday.

The Green Organic Dutchman CEO Sean Bovingdon expressed the importance of answering questions and helping out any consumers who need guidance when consuming cannabis. “Whether someone is a cannabis-regular or hasn’t touched the plant in many decades, we owe it to curious individuals anywhere to support them, and to ensure they have the celebration they’re looking for on this 420,” said Bovingdon. “Despite legalization, the educational resources for cannabis are restricted from most mainstream media, so we’re excited to offer this free educational service for consumers everywhere.”

VP of Marketing of The Green Organic Dutchman, Drew Campbell, also shares that point of view. “From the evolution of the counterculture movement to the growing legalization of cannabis around the World, the spirit of 420 has always been to celebrate cannabis with others, and we can help to ensure everyone has access to the information they need on the big day,” he said. 

Campbell likens this service to that of the annual Turkey hotlines that are offered to home chefs around Thanksgiving. For examples, Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line has been offered for over 40 years during the months of November and December, giving amateur home cooks in the U.S. and Canada a direct line to “trained turkey experts.” “For decades, the Thanksgiving industry has had turkey experts on stand-by via toll-free hotlines for aspiring home chefs,” Campbell shared. “This is our way of providing the same service to those who view 420 as an equally important event.”

The phone hotline, which can be reached out 1-833-4Highly (1-833-444-4459), will be free for anyone who is of legal age. The brand is also opening up direct messages via Instagram @highlydutchorganic.

Those on the receiving side of the hotline include industry experts such as Andrew Freedman, who is also known as The Cannabis Sommelier, and Kelsey Cannabis. These experts and many more will be on-site at the facility where Highly Dutch products are grown, which is located in Ancaster, Ontario. The hotline will be available between 9 a.m.-9 p.m. EST.

New survey data shows that Canadian cannabis consumption is higher than ever. An IPSOS survey published on April 14 shared that 55% of Canadians are aware that 420 celebrations are happening, and that since legalization began in 2018, 36% are “more open and positive” about cannabis use. Overall, the data showed that 42% of Canadians consumed cannabis during the last year. An estimated 20% of Canadians said that if they had more education resources, they would be more likely to consume (and 70% said educational resources would have no impact on their consumption).

Although this hotline is limited to Canadians, there are many opportunities for education in the U.S. as well. For example, there’s a free event in Portsmouth, Virginia called the “High Tide Summit” that is being held on April 20 to bring together a variety of people who can speak on the topics of activism, business, healthcare and more. “This is our intent, to have the right, correct information,” said Norfolk-based rapper FAMLAY, who is working event organizer Antonio Dowe. “It’s dangerous when you don’t have it.”

The state of New York recently launched a campaign to promote education about cannabis legalization. “With the ‘Cannabis Conversations’ campaign, we’re following through on our commitment to provide New Yorkers with the information they need to safely navigate the new Cannabis Law,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul. “Education is the best tool to keep New Yorkers healthy as we continue to ramp up this safe, inclusive, and equitable industry.”

With more curious consumers looking to cannabis for recreational use or medicinal benefits, these educational resources ensure that they are safe and well educated while they celebrate 420 this year, and in the future.

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